So, What’s reddit?

reddit-logo-smallWe’re all on social site overload, but Reddit is a social community that you should know about if you don’t already. If you don’t know anything about it, you most certainly have heard about “subreddits” that have tried to help find the Boston marathon bomber and, more recently, identify the Navy Yard shooter.
To get you started, this video is a great introduction to what reddit is, exactly, and how it works:

So reddit is a social community where people post articles and links of interest and comment and discuss topics of interest. Subreddits focus on a particular topic.

Some of subreddits that show the potential of reddit:
  • — I Am A (Ask Me Anything), where people with interesting jobs or life experiencesanswer whatever questions reddit has for them (after providing proof of their identity, often by tweeting a link to the reddit post). President Obama has done this, as have the Mythbusters.
  • — Assistance. People can ask for (or offer) advice or material assistance. Whether they get it is up to the crowd, not the moderators. Top posts right now range from a request for money to finish nursing school to one for $20 for gas and groceries to an offer of some food to any needy Las Vegas-area resident.
  • — Random Acts of Pizza. Like Assistance, but with much more limited scope. Redditors can request or offer gifts of pizza to those who are in need or simply want a pizza. Notably, Random Acts of Pizza flooded every Boston-area police location with pizza after the Boston bombings in thanks for their efforts. Reddit loves pizza.
  • Secret Santa/redditgifts, combination gift exchange and online marketplace. The basic purpose is to facilitate Secret Santa-style gift exchanges among redditors each year.
The term for a reddit user is “redditor”. Redditors are generally highly suspicious of advertising/promoted content, so it’s actually generally best to just write interesting content and let reddit pick it up on its own. Or,  actually be an active reddit user who posts and comments on content that is not strictly related to your business.
With thanks to my daughter Mariet Kurtz who have me much of the insight used for this post.