It’s All About Trust

trustNielsen’s has just published a new Trust In Advertising study. Although focused on consumer trust in advertising, it has clear advice for all communicators: earning consumer trust is the foundation for success.The study offers the good news that consumers around the globe are more trusting now than they were several years ago.

Trust in Forms of Advertising (for our purposes, methods of communicating)

  • Recommendations from people I know, 84%
  • Branded websites, 69%
  • Consumer opinions posted online, 68%
  • Editorial content (e.g. newspaper), 67%
  • Ads on TV, 62%
  • Brand sponsorship, 61%
  • Ads in newspapers, 61%
  • Ads in magazines, 60%
  • Billboards and outdoor advertising, 57%
  • Ads on radio, 57%
  • Emails authorized, 56%
  • Ads before movies, 56%
  • TV product placements, 55%
  • Ads in search engine results, 48%
  • Online video ads, 58%
  • Ads on social networks, 48%
  • Display ads on mobile device, 45%
  • Online banner ads, 42%
  • Text ads on mobile phones, 37%

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