Email Marketing Stats

emailKentico Software has published the results of a new email marketing survey, the latest installment of Kentico’s ongoing digital experience research series.

According to the survey, only 32% of the general public believes email marketers have gotten better over the past five years at emailing them with content that appeals to their interests. 31% of those surveyed believe email marketing has gotten worse, and 36% feel it’s remained about the same.

  • 77% are unlikely to welcome an unsolicited email even if it caters to their particular interests
  • Of the email lists recipients willfully subscribe to, 36% said they read about a quarter of the emails they receive; 26% read half of it; 16% read 75% of it; 10% say they read all of it; 12% read none of it

Stats for Solicited Email

Most respondents (37%) willfully subscribe to 1-5 email lists. 31% subscribe to 6-10 lists, 14% subscribe to 11-15 lists, 7% subscribe to 16-20 lists, and 5% subscribe to more than 20 lists. Those who subscribe to 6-10 lists tend to read more of their marketing email, with 48% typically reading 75% of their solicited marketing messages.

Of those who willfully subscribe to email lists:

  • 57% stay on a list for a period of 1-3 years
  • 22% will stay on a list for 4-6 years
  • 5% for 7-9 years
  • 16% for 10 or more years

Calls to Action

Kentico found 45% of those surveyed will perform the action requested in marketing emails about 1-2 times per month. Such actions may include learning more about a product or taking part in a sale. 21% will perform requested actions 3-4 times per month, 8% will perform 5-6 actions per month, and less than 1% will perform 7-8 actions per month. 5% will perform more than 10 actions per month, and 18% will never respond to a call to action.