Most People Go Online with Cell Phones

Woman with phoneAccording to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 63% of cell phone owners now go online using their mobile phones.

Since 91% of Americans are cell phone owners, this means that 57% of all Americans go online using a mobile phone. Over half of adults (56%) now own a smartphone, and 93% of these smartphone owners use their phone to go online.

In particular, says the report, the following groups have high levels of cell phone internet use:

  • Young adults: Cell owners ages 18-29 are the most likely of any demographic group to use their phones to go online. 85% of them do so, compared with 73% of cell owners ages 30-49, and 51% of those ages 50-64. Just 22% of cell owners ages 65 and older go online from their phones
  • Non-whites: 74% of Black cell phone owners are cell internet users, as are 68% of Hispanic cell owners
  • The college-educated: 74% of cell owners with a college degree or higher are cell internet users as are 67% of those who have attended (but not graduated) college
  • The financially well-off: 74% of cell phone owners living in households with an annual income of $75,000 or more per year are significantly more likely than those in every other income category to go online using their phones
  • Urban and suburban residents: Urban and suburban cell owners are significantly more likely to be cell internet users than those living in rural areas. 66% of urbanites and 65% of suburban-dwellers do so, compared to half of rural residents

34% of cell internet users say that they mostly use their cell phone rather than some other device such as a computer. 53% of cell internet users say that they mostly go online from a device other than their cell phone, while 11% use both their phone and some other device equally.

See the complete report from Pew Research.

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