Email Newsletters Still an Effective Way to Communicate

email-newsletterAlthough the latest bright and shiny social platforms get most of the attention, email newsletters are still a great way to reach target audiences. People love to get content that they choose and appreciate having interesting information delivered to their inboxes.

Here are tips for building a successful email newsletter today:

  • Entertain and inform. Make sure the “voice” of your enewsletter is consistent, lively, and interesting.

  • Be brief. Get your point across in 150 words or less. People skim rather than read, and reading email is no exception.

  • Stick to one topic. A single focus increases the chance that your reader will focus on the messages you consider most important and won’t get distracted. Less is more.

  • Use the content in more than one place to reinforce messages. Use social platforms to share the same content tailored for those platforms. Cross link as much as possible.

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