Facebook Not the Place for News

facebookAccording to a new study by the Pew Research Center, most users do not go to Facebook seeking news– just 4 percent say it is the most important way they get news.

However, the survey shows that Facebook exposes people to news they otherwise might not get. In particular, younger adults (18-29 year olds,) are engaged with news on Facebook, accounting for 34% of Facebook news consumers. In addition, 18- to 29 year olds who get news on Facebook across topics at roughly the same levels as older age groups, turn there as often for breaking news, and deem the site as an important source of news.

Other key findings in this report by the Pew Research Center in collaboration with the Knight Foundation, are:

  • 42% of Facebook news consumers often watch local television news, as do 46% of all U.S. adults; 23% often watch cable news (compared with 24% of all U.S. adults). But, only 21% of Facebook news consumers often read print newspapers, compared with 27% of the population overall
  • Those who consume news on Facebook are more active on the site than other users by nearly every measure.
  • Facebook news consumers get news on different topics: entertainment news, 73%; events in one’s own community, 65%; national politics and government, 55%; sports, 57%.
  • 70% say interest in the topic as a major reason to click on news links.

Additional information about the survey