Take a Fresh Look at Your Website

nomanI know, developing (or redeveloping) a website is a painful process. So, it is no wonder that when the last task is marked complete we tend to stop looking at the site. It’s great, it’s fine; there’s no need to do anything more for a while.

Well, your website probably isn’t fine. It always needs an attentive eye to content and presentation. Elements that were a great idea when your site was last worked on, may be outdated or don’t work well. This isn’t the image you have worked so hard to portray.

Here are some features that are considered to be passe. Having them puts you at risk for turning away the very people you are trying to connect with online.

So, it is time to take a fresh look at your website. It’s time for a change if you have any of these items:

  • Too much going on. Keep in mind that today’s visitor is as likely to be on a laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Are you crowding out your important message? One thing to reevaluate is the use of sidebars. These can distract focus from your core content.
  • Flash intros. Flash intros take too long to load, don’t work on Apple mobile devices, and are not recognized by Google. Get rid of them.
  • Photo carousel. Long a pet peeve of mine, it seems that others are finally catching up with my thinking šŸ™‚ The time it takes for users to cycle through photos combined with the dexterity needed to click before the next slide appears make this a vastly inferior element to ONE simple and focused introduction message, video, or image.
  • Images that fill the screen. Keep in mind, the user’s screen can be really large or teeny tiny. Do users on small screens see any of your messaging? If not, you have a problem.
  • Autoplay videos. No one likes videos that automatically start playing and often leave a site when this happens. Another missed chance to connect with your audience online.
  • Sites that aren’t usable on mobile devices. This is no longer optional.

Others? Share them here.