Fast, Easy Usability Testing Options

65691r8foqr2r3dIf you have a website you must do usability testing – often – to make sure that visitors are seeing what you want and doing what you desire. In the history of websites, this is an often acknowledged need but infrequently done due to the cost. Good news: there’s a growing community of crowdsourced remote usability testing options.

Crowd source testing generally has affordable pricing, takes care of recruiting participants, and is fast.


UserZoom offers crowd-sourced user testing and many other UX services. They don’t recruit their own testers, but you can contact one of the sampling companies that UserZoom partners with to receive a set of filtered participants.

UserZoom also offers intercept surveys, card sorting, tree testing (for evaluating the findability, labeling, and organization of your site’s structure), and prototype and concept testing.


TryMyUI  offers a pool of screened testers who articulate their thought process as they attempt to complete an assigned task on your site. You simply create a list of tasks you wish testers to perform. Specify your demographic profile and how many testers you want to use.

Within hours, you’ll receive fully narrated videos of each tester navigating your website. Each video shows the user’s screen, mouse movements, and keystrokes, as well as an audio track of everything the user says as he/she attempts to complete the assigned tasks. You can also get written answers to a questionnaire that the user fills out after completing the usability test.

Each test result is checked for usefulness before you receive it. They also carefully screen and categorize testers, allowing you to specify the gender, age, annual income, computer expertise, country or residence, education level, family status, social networks usage, and employment type of your testers. You can add your own qualification criteria.

Usability Hub

Usability Hub is a community of designers and Web builders that test each other’s work to earn “karma points” on the site. When you publish a test on the site you can request certain demographics.

You can run three different types of tests: a five-second test, a click test, and a nav flow test. In general, you can expect to receive 50 responses within 20 to 30 hours.

This service can be free if you want to provide some test responses yourself.

Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced Testing offers testers that have more than six years’ experience in software testing. Testers are spread across 111 countries, making it a good choice for testing an international audience.

Crowdsourced Testing will test your site or app for: functionality (spelling mistakes, bugs, broken links), localization (language and culture appropriateness for target region), and usability (ease of use, overall website experience).

You provide some basic instructions about your site or app and your project is assigned to a group of expert testers, a project manager, and a lead tester. At the end of a testing session, you receive a  list of issues.


UserTesting claims to have recruited more than 1 million testers. Most clients receive test results within an hour. You can apply demographic filters to the testers or have your own customers be the testers instead.

Add-ons include a broad selection of customized enterprise solutions, including one-on-one interviews, focus groups, expert user testing, customized test creation, and detailed reports. This system allows clients to interact with testers after the test, asking them follow-up questions about their experience.