Optimizing Your YouTube Videos to Be Seen

videoHere are some tips on how to get the best exposure for your videos posted to YouTube.

Key Items to Include for Each Video

  • Keywords: Videos with relevant keywords will appear at the top of YouTube search results. These include “how-to” keywords, reviews, tutorials, funny videos, and videos related to sports and fitness.
  • Video Tags: Including a few keywords in the tag helps YouTube to know what your video is about.
  • Title: Put your keyword at the beginning of the title to give a slight SEO boost to your video.
  • Description: The description is used by YouTube to determine what your video is all about.
  • Thumbnails: The thumbnail creates the first impression of your video. Custom thumbnails are generally better than YouTube’s auto-generated snapshots.
  • Video Transcript: YouTube uses the transcript to rank your video. Include targeted keywords in the transcript.

drive traffic

  • Link to your video from your website and other social channels. The more views, the better your video will be ranked.
  • Ask for comments and shares. Comments give an authority signal to YouTube.