I Just Quit FourSquare

foursquareI was a FourSquare addict – checking in everywhere, collecting badges and mayorships as a cheap thrill. I posted photos and tips. That all ended last week.

I got an email from FourSquare that I had to read a few times to understand. Apparently the check in is no longer wanted there – that’s now happening at a new app called Swarm. The message said this transition was going on for some time, but I am a pretty avid FourSquare user (read addict) and it was news to me.

Anyway, what got really confusing is that although my ability to check in on FourSquare was being shut off, the new FourSquare isn’t yet ready to be used. Even today, at the website it says:

A brand new Foursquare, with a brand new logo and look, is almost ready for you.

My response? I deleted the app from my phone. Bye-bye mayorships and badges.

For what its worth, here’s my list of the communication mistakes made:

  • Sending an active user a message that was pretty complicated and that did not give much warning of a major change.
  • Cutting off functionality with nothing to replace it and offering no value proposition. If I can’t check in why use a basically disabled app?
  • Sending a message that made me feel that I was not the power-user I thought I was — it told me that I was way behind the (Swarm) curve. I didn’t like the feeling of suddenly being behind the times.

So, while I take some time to wallow in a little FourSquare pity, please share your FourSquare/Swarm experiences here.

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