LinkedIn Makes Blogging Easy

linkedinHave you always thought you should share your expertise in a blog, but the hassle of establishing yet another account on a blogging site kept you away? Well, if you are on LinkedIn, sharing your thoughts just got easier. The LinkedIn Publishing Platform gives you the opportunity to publish your content as part of your presence there.

Once you have been granted access to this feature (which is being rolled out to all members), you’ll be able to create and post articles/posts. All you need to do is click the edit icon in the “share an update” box on your homepage. When you mouse over it, you will see “create a post.” Select that and LinkedIn will guide you from there.

Posts will appear in your profile. Your writing will get visibility to through feedback such as views, likes, comments, and shares. Your post may make it into LinkedIn Pulse, which uses an algorithm that serves up content to users based on their interests.

Stats allow you to determine the relative popularity of each of your posts.

I am giving it a try and just published my first post.