Guide to Google Forms

I just found Google Forms, a (free) way to create quick surveys and forms. There’s a simple interface to create the form and then you can share it by email, a link, or embedded on a site.

A form can use a basic default look or be wrapped in fancier designs with different colors and patterns. At a quick glance there seemed to be something that would fit for just about any purpose.

Here’s my first experiment with a Google forms. I used the default design and the embed code to present the form here. Can you respond so I can see how the data collection to a spreadsheet works?

Google automatically aggregates this data into a Google Spreadsheet. The information collected is as secure as anything saved to Google Drive. That means the information is only available to the people who you share it with unless you make a document public. (I’ll let you be the judge of whether that is secure enough for you.)

This can be a great way to collect information like RSVPs to an event or a request to be contacted. I wouldn’t recommend you try to collect any private information beyond an email address (note that by default the form tells users not to use it to submit passwords) .

Users get a confirmation message; you decide what text they see. You can control options that then allows them to submit another response, get the link to the form results, and/or edit their response after submitting.

Responses are gathered into a Google sheet so you don’t have to spend time entering data later and you can electronically store and share the information with others as needed.

This seems like an easy and free way to add some basic forms to your website or to collect information with an email. Give it a try and let me know what you think.