A Website to Model


If you are in business today, you don’t exist if you don’t have a functional website. Period. Finding that sweet spot of a site that really tells your story, is affordable, and easy to maintain without a degree in geek is no easy task. So, I am excited to share a website with you that accomplishes all of these requirements and more: http://savipr.com/.

SaviPr owner Samantha Villegas is a friend and colleague. I knew she wasn’t happy with the website that was created when she launched her business, so I was excited when I received an email asking me to look at her new site.

Wow. This site has so many good things to model:

  • Clean and simple look and feel that is consistent throughout the site
  • Clear and succinct messaging that tells this business’ story
  • Lively imagery that compliments the messaging
  • An integrated blog that ensures a constant influx of fresh content
  • Direct access to act – send her a message, give her a call, or connect on social media

As a communicator I am particularly impressed with the words. From the home page slide show to every page of the site, the site is jargon free. In a sentence or two you understand what SaviPR can do for you. Anyone in the business of communication will tell you that anyone can string a lot of words together; the best communicators can do the hard work of saying a lot with a few, clear words.

As a one-person business, Samantha doesn’t have unlimited resources. Here’s what she told me about the help she had getting the new site developed, “The web designer and builder was www.quintainmarketing.com. The whole process was fast, easy and inexpensive and the customer service was great.”

I’m happy to have this success story and model to share with you.