Content Marketing: Don’t Preach to the Choir

measurementAccording to a study by digital consultancy 614 Group and content marketing firm OneSpot, marketing and communication pros understand that targeted content marketing is important but too many are sharing their content in ways that only reach people who are already connected to their organizations.

In a survey of 487 ad professionals, 87 percent were distributing the content mainly through their company’s website. “That’s roughly the equivalent of preaching to the choir,” wrote CMS Wire’s Tom Murphy.

The call to action for communicators is that we need to continuously find new channels to share our information. That can mean others’ blogs or websites, syndication arrangements, social channels, and other ways to get content in front of our target audiences. If you only share on your website, blog, publications, and/or subscriber newsletter, your content is not connecting with new people.

More findings of the study:

  • 56 percent don’t like the way results were measured, with many looking only at traffic and clicks
  • 40 percent of content marketing budgets goes toward content creation alone
  • 47 percent aren’t happy with their targeting efforts so far

All this sounds like a call for a strategic communication plan!

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