Some Insights into Hispanic Audiences

greenhat_headerThe U.S. Hispanic population is expected to make up 30 percent of the total population by 2050. Striking for communicators, Hispanics tend to lead in adoption of new devices, including mobile.

  • The average Hispanic spends more than eight hours watching online video each month, over 90 minutes longer than the U.S. average, according to Nielsen.
  • According to Nielsen, 10 million Hispanics watch mobile video (with the Smartphone being the primary screen for many) for an average of more than six hours per month.
  • According to a Google Consumer Survey, Hispanics are 1.5x more likely to buy mobile apps and digital media than non-Hispanics.

These device-savvy consumers operate in English, Spanish, and a mixture of both. A recent Google Consumer Survey showed that the majority of U.S. Hispanic mobile users typically search in English or a mix of English and Spanish. At the same time, the number of Google searches that include common Spanish-language question words nearly doubled over the past three years.