Free Tool to Create Infographics and Charts

header-infogramIf you haven’t found this tool already, here is one to try: This is a free tool that allows you to use your data to great infographics and charts that you can download or embed at your sites.

The free basic account allows you to choose from among six infographic designed or 14 chart types. Most of the chart types have multiple options. In addition to the classic pie, bar and column charts, there are options like wordcloud and tree map.

Once you pick the type of visual you want, the interface allows you to click on text regions to add words. Clicking on the data area brings up a data sheet to populate, either manually or via an upload.

The resulting image can be downloaded or embedded. Either way, all images created are saved in the user’s library. The site also allows for non-public sharing of images, either by link or password.

This offers a fast, efficient way to create visuals for your website, blog, and social sites.

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