Adding the Right (Free) Pic to Online Content

heart_headerGetting great, free images of online content is easy, right? Not so much.

Search for “free images” in any search engine and you get pages of results. Unfortunately, most of them are not actually free. I ran into this old issue again recently with the redesign of this blog; I now need a fresh supply of larger images. Thankfully, I have found a few resources and I am happy to share.


MorgueFile offers truly free high-resolution stock photos for any use. There’s no search and limited filtering options, so you need to scroll through the pictures to find what you need.


Dreamstime offers more free, high-resolution photos. This site asks that you offer a photo credit with each use. Be careful as you move around the site. I found that I often was taken away from the free photo selection and into areas of the site that offer photos for purchase.


FreeDigitalPhotos has been my go-to site for a while. It offers photos as well as illustrations and graphics, many suitable for business topics. Unfortunately, in most cases the free versions of photos are not large enough for some formats (like the new format used at this blog.) Photo credits are requested.


I tried some other sites and found that many are “free” through the use of credits or points (that you have to buy) or that they only allow for embedding links to photos at their sites.  I welcome any suggestions here for other photo and image sites that are useful; that will save us all from having to page through all those “free image” search results!

Photo Credit: © Mamz | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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