Simplifying Google Analytics

header_stats2Google Analytics is the unchallenged leader in website analytics, but it is overwhelming. If you have ever logged into your GA dashboard and thought, “boy, would I like to have someone just distill this all down to the key insights for me,” have I got a tool for you: Quill Engage.

Quill Engage is a free tool that connects with your Google Analytics account and automatically emails you a weekly or monthly summary of your data. The report gives you a plain language explanation of site traffic and the source of it, including referrals and paid search through integration with Google AdWords, page performance, important audience segments (including geographies and mobile), goals and conversions, and referrals.  Reports can be customized to business needs, for a fee.

Quill Engage uses an artificial intelligence engine to process the information and deliver it to you as if somebody wrote a report explaining all of the important information.

Quill Engage uses Google authentication through OAuth 2.0 to make sure only you can access your reports. Your Google Analytics profile data and reports are not shared with anyone outside of the email recipients you set up to receive reports. Narrative Science archives your completed reports, so you can reference them in the future. The tool does not store or use any of the underlying data used to create the reports. Quill Engage only reports on and does not edit any of your Google Analytics data or settings.

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