Steve Jobs and Other Things That Creep Me Out on Social Media

header creepyWhy is it that every time I look at my home page on LinkedIn a photo of Steve Jobs is staring back at me? I’m pretty sure he’s not writing or inventing anything new these days and that Apple has some living leadership. Right?

The web is the ultimate repository, but we communicators need to take care that our newest information isn’t being overshadowed by legacy content and images. Apple did just come out with new products. With all due respect to Steve’s legacy, it’s past time for some new compelling imagery.

With that at the top of my list of things that creep me out on social media, I offer three more:

  1. LinkedIn requests from complete strangers. I get lots of requests to connect on LinkedIn from people who I have no apparent connection to and their use of the default “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn” message offers no help. If you want to connect with someone and not come off as a creeper, please take the time to customize the invitation to connect.
  2. Facebook suggestions for people I may know. For me, this algorithm has crossed the line from cool technology to scary stuff. Facebook recently suggested that I connect with the psychologist I took one of my kids to 10 years ago. How did it know?!? A little bit awesome and a little bit creepy rolled up in one.
  3. Breaking news on Twitter that’s just plain wrong. Twitter lets us all be second-to-second communicators, but that doesn’t make us experts on all topics. Leave the news to folks that have actual connections to credible sources and don’t be the person who helped misinformation go viral.