2015 Objectives for PR Pros

header_successAs soon as fall arrives, it is all to clear to me that another year is soon to be finished and it is time to start planning for the new year ahead. So, what should we communicators strive for in 2015?

I’ll start with my suggestions, in hopes that you add yours. Hopefully this will start a discussion that will help us all to have the greatest impact in the coming year.

  • Look forward, not back.  Let 2015 be the year that we give up the things we do, well, because, we have always done them. Lets look at everything with a fresh eye to the relevance to how people consume and expect information today. We need to clear our inventory of tactics of dead wood, and help our clients to do the same.
  • Stick to our knitting. We are communicators. We connect with people and build relationships with them. We are not the champions of spin. Let 2015 be the year that we keep a laser focus on the mission of public relations and we use the latest bright and shiny objects to advance our mission, rather than to distract from it.
  • Speak up. We advocate for others every day, why not make 2015 the year we advocate for ourselves? Let this be the year where we challenge and correct misconceptions of the profession  among our clients and the world at large. Let’s also advocate for the strategies that seek to build effective and authentic relationships with key constituencies. If we want respect, we need to work in a way that commands respect.

Changes? Additions? Comment here.