Time Saving Tip: Bulk Buffer

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I have previously written about the benefits of using Buffer to manage your social sharing. It’s still a great tool to consider and, combined with Bulk Buffer, can save you plenty of time.

Bulk Buffer provides a simple way to send multiple updates to your Buffer account. With support for uploading text or csv files, as well as manually adding and editing updates, you can quickly and easily create and schedule many weeks worth of social media content at once.

Bulk Buffer is owned and operated by Luke Lanchester, a web developer from England and is not affiliated with Buffer but the folks there endorse the tool.

  • You can upload as many files as you wish, but you can only send a total of 250 updates each time.
  • Each update can be a maximum of 500 characters in length (140 for tweets). You are limited to a total of 250 updates and 25 selected profiles at a time but there are no daily caps.
  • Files must be in either txt or csv format. Each update should be on a new line and may optionally be enclosed within quotation marks.
  • Bulk Buffer does not currently support scheduling of updates, but it is being developed.
  • Image uploading is not supported, but is another feature in development.
  • The tool works on most modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (9+).