Reach More Readers

words_headerAs I process the deluge of information and inspiration I gathered at the PRSA International Conference this week, a presentation that rises to the top was Ann Wylie’s master session on how to write to attract more readers.

Ann’s “10 Ways to Reach More Readers” is a must-read one-pager for anyone who wants to connect with people through the written word. Here are the top tips I plan to incorporate into my work:

  • Headlines and subheads are not merely labels. This is the place to present key ideas. Say something.
  • Tell stories that define the problem, the solution, and the results.
  • Printed words should never cover more than the area taken by the palm of your hand. Break up longer text with images and other non-text elements.

So often with writing, getting inspiration is much of the battle. There are tools to help like the Phrase Thesaurus, which generates lists of phrases and sayings related to the topic you are interested in. This can help you find new approaches to a topic. You can try it for free but full access is by subscription.

Another unique recommendation from Ann: RhymeZone. Identify the keywords for your topic and then look to this tool to find some great words to add to the mix. Use of rhyming words can be a great way to develop compelling copy.