Amplify Your Content

header standoutWhether you are a job seeker, a consultant, or a representative for a business, establishing credibility online rests on content. To be seen as an expert, you need to author content that shares what you know and establishes your engagement around one or more topics.

Owned, earned, and paid placements are the avenues you need to employ to get your content visibility online. Used strategically, you can leverage these tools to amplify your content for maximum reach.

Owned Media

Content published at your own website, blog, or social media profile, is considered to be owned media. Owned media refers not necessarily to ownership of the channel, but rather your ability to own the publishing process, from authoring to posting.

This method of publishing content gives you direct control over the content. There’s no gatekeeper involved. This means that you have to be diligent about checking your facts and your spelling. You also have to take ownership of spreading the news about your content, through social shares, email notices, and the like.

Earned Media

Another route to getting content published online is by earning a placement at a third party site. With this approach, you submit your writing, video, etc. to a blog, website, or news site owner and ask that it be considered for publication. If that happens, you get the boost of the endorsement of a third party and access to a broader readership.

Often, earned media placements require a little more effort and have a longer lead time from content creation to publication. Most sites publish guidelines for submissions that govern length and format as well as the time frame for evaluation. Unfortunately, many sites don’t respond unless the content is accepted, leaving the author to wonder how long to wait before seeking an alternate placement.

Paid Media

Communication pros are wincing right now. We don’t pay to share information. Right?

The fact is that in the online world most sites need some form of revenue and many accomplish this by offering paid options to increase the visibility of content. This includes Facebook’s “boost” option and promoted tweets on Twitter. Sometimes, you have to pay to ensure that content gets seen.

Here’s a rule of thumb to follow: focus on owned and paid placements. When the content seems to resonate with your target audience, consider giving it more exposure with paid media. This maximizes the audience for your best content.