Five Steps to Twitter Success

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Want to use Twitter to connect with your audience. Here are five fundamental components to success:

  1. Create a content calendar. Plan your content. Use holidays, special day/week/month designations like administrative assistant appreciation day or national cupcake day, key events for your business and other triggers to plan relevant tweets. You can supplement the plan with timely,  unanticipated topics, but having a basic calendar to follow ensures you don’t miss the obvious opportunities and that you tweet regularly.
  2. Schedule tweets. Use the scheduling tool in the free version of Hootsuite, Buffer, or another tool to compose and schedule tweets. Again, you can tweet on the fly as needed, but scheduling in advance saves time and reduces disruption to your day.
  3. Be authentic. Tweet content that is meaningful to you and to your audience. If you are simply patterning after what others are tweeting, you aren’t adding any value for your followers. Think about what you can add to mix and focus on adding a unique voice to the platform.
  4. Connect your channels. You may decide not to post all your content in every location. That’s fine, but be sure to cross-reference posts at Facebook, your website, and other places on Twitter so your followers can connect with that content as well.
  5. Define your measures of success. What’s your goal on Twitter? Collect followers? Get click throughs on links? Start conversations? Know what you want to accomplish and how you are going to measure your success. Monitor progress regularly and make adjustments as needed.