Fail-Proof Strategies to Get Your Email Read

All you need to do to confirm that email continues to rein as a great way to communicate is look at your inbox(es). I am sure it’s not empty.

As you do the routine work of managing your inbox you can teach yourself valuable lessons on how to use email effectively. An email has to be really compelling to avoid the delete key.

Spend the Most Time Developing the Right Subject Line

The subject line is hugely important. If it doesn’t say something that seems relevant, interesting, or important, the email gets deleted without further investigation.

Make the First Sentence Matter

If you pass the subject line hurdle, your recipient is now reading the message. Tell him or her something important in the first sentence. Otherwise, it’s off to the trash folder for your unimportant message.

Keep it Short

Cover the basics of covering the basics of who, what, when, where, why and how. Focus your message on ONE takeaway. Tell the recipient what you are offering or what you want. Offer links for the reader to dig deeper or learn more. If your message looks too long for the time the reader has right now, it won’t be read.