Five Steps to an Awesome Presence on Twitter

header tweetHere are 5 ways to establish an awesome and effective profile on Twitter

Put a Face with the Name

Identify the person or people who are pumping writing your tweets. Your followers want to connect and it is hard to get personal with a brand. Name names of the people who are posting to your account.


  • The Wall Street Journal: In our 125th year, breaking news and features from the WSJ. Tweets by @rubinafillion @elanazak @allisonlichter @sarahmarshall @toddjolmstead and @mayaj.
  • The Atlantic: Feed for The Atlantic magazine and Politics, business, technology, entertainment, health, global affairs. Managed by @c_heller.
  • The Associated Press: News, discussion and behind-the-scenes insight from The Associated Press. Managed 24/7 by a team of editors based in New York:

Be sure to post images to the account, including a profile picture and the banner image for your profile page. A logo can work for a business profile picture, but it is always best to find a way to have one or more people in your images.

Tell Readers What to Expect

Get specific in your profile. Tell people what you plan to post so they know why they want to follow you (as opposed to the thousands of other choices they have.)

Be Brand Consistent

Use the same tag line and brand message that is used at other online properties as well as offline. This way, no matter where someone meets you first, your Twitter presence will reinforce what he or she has already heard from you. Don’t make people wonder if they are connecting to the right place.

Reflect Your Latest

Your profile description does not need to be evergreen. Have a special project? Promote it. New product or service? Mention it. Keep your profile lively and reflect the best that you have to offer at any given point in time.

In the Description, Don’t…

  • Waste space declaring your account is the “official” presence for you or your business. Your posts should make that clear.
  • Ask people to follow you. Just be compelling so they do.
  • Reference your URL. Twitter offers a separate field for that.