Easy Visuals for the Graphically-Challenged

header_mailboxesVisual elements make online content stand out and increases your opportunities for impact. Case in point: a report by MGD Advertising documents that visual content generates up to 94 percent more views and increases engagement by up to 37 percent.

You don’t have to be (or hire) a graphic designer to add effective visuals to your content. Numerous free tools let you quickly and easily create visual elements.


Photo Pin offers a meta search of Creative Commons photos and images that can be used in online content with a photo credit. PhotoPin provides the photo credit code for you to copy and paste into your content.


Unsplash is updated every 10 days with 10 new images that can be used through Creative Commons Zero licensing. Creative Commons Zero means that you can copy, modify, and even use for commercial purposes without asking permission.


Pinwords lets you easily add text overlays to photos or images. There are six different text themes, some of which can be recolored. While the options are limited, this is a quick way to add a unique visual. For more options, try Canva.


Infogr.am is an easy tool to create infographics and charts. The free basic account allows you to choose from among six infographic designed or 14 chart types. Most of the chart types have multiple options.