7 Awesome Blog Writing Ideas

header laptopglassesAs someone who tries to blog daily, I am always looking for new inspiration for topic ideas. Here are the top 7 ideas I have found lately.

  1. Status update. You may not have BIG news, but you can string a few small items together to create an interesting post that updates readers on your business.
  2. Today’s highlight. What was great about the work you or your company did today? Share the story.
  3. Tip. Posts don’t always need to be about big thoughts. Share a tip that helps you to get your work done.
  4. Review a source or site. Share the online love by blogging about the content sharing efforts of others.
  5. Profile someone. Showcase an inspiring coworker, client, or peer as interview or Q&A. Applaud what they do and let them share some thoughts with your readers.
  6. Guest post. When you read something inspiring, invite the writer to guest post about it at your blog and link back to the original post. New content for you, new readers for them.
  7. Lingo. We all toss around acronyms and words as if everyone knows them. Step back and define a term to help others gain a deeper understanding.

Have more suggestions? Please share them here as a comment. Thanks!