Content Spam

header_socialmediaLately, it seems that social sites are filled with more content that comes from third-party sources than from the actual people you are connected with. This content spam is an unwanted development in social networking that threatens to diminish the impact of these tools for communicating.

I have a business acquaintance whose Twitter feed is full of links that he shares to articles in top publications. The only problem is his posts give me no sense of why he shared the link. Pro? Con? Other?

A friend is fond of filling her Facebook feed with images created by places like Aunty Acid, WeAreGrinders, and other places I am not at all sure are actual places. Her other posts are auto statuses from whatever online game she is playing and surveys and quizzes. I know nothing about what she is doing or thinking about. Sad.

I am all for sharing content. I even recently wrote about how you can have a lively social presence without having to do a lot of your own writing. But, in that post I point out the importance of writing a sentence or two about why you are sharing the content. Your followers are connected to you, so share your thoughts.

If we all seek to have a good balance between content we share and content we create, we can go a long way toward keeping content spam in check. We all benefit when social networks are filled with authentic content that offers insights into our thoughts and needs, setting the stage for meaningful communication.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to take a quiz to find out which Charlie Brown character you are…