Email Still Reigns for Connecting

header_emailThrough Google Consumer Surveys, Messagexchange polled a consumer audience to find out how they prefer to hear from companies and brands .The found that while a majority (50.08 percent) prefer no marketing communication at all, those who do want to hear from you prefer email.

Of those that indicated a notification preference, the majority (50+ percent) preferred email. Only about five percent of respondents prefer receiving information in their social channels over anywhere else.

Which form of communication do you prefer brands use to share special offers/deals/coupons with you?

I don’t want to receive any notifications. 50.08%
Email 25.08%
Text 9.03%
Snail Mail 7.14%
Social Media 5.29%
Push Notification 3.38%

Another takeaway: the value of the unsubscribe button. When someone unsubscribes, you’re not losing out on a lead but are instead creating a more refined list of recipients that are actually willing to engage.

While not everyone wants your communication, they all want to be able to connect with a company when there are any issues. Again,  email is the top choice (32 percent) to initiate contact. When they reach out, they have an expectation that they’ll hear back in a reasonable timeframe.

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