2015 Spam Words

header emailphoneHere is the latest list of words to avoid in your email messages if you want to decrease your chances of your messages being flagged as spam. Thanks to MailJet for compiling the following chart of spammer lingo by industry.

Keep in mind that individual words won’t always get you in trouble as much as the subject line as a whole will. Make sure your subject line reflects the authentic, valuable nature of the content that you are sending.

Words to Avoid By Industry/Category
Retail Personal Get Rich Quick Financial Schemes Marketing Pharmaceutical
As seen on Meet singles Additional income Invoice Lead generation Cures baldness
Order Hot men/women Double your income Paypal SEO Viagra
Order status Easy date Earn“x$” per week Visa
Web traffic Lose weight
Buy Score tonight Home based FedEx Email harvest Online pharmacy
Clearance Dear friend Income from home $$$ Increase sales Stop snoring
Buy direct Beloved Urgent proposal Beneficiary Internet marketing Removes wrinkles
Free gift card Account security Opportunity Cash Marketing solutions Reverses aging
Discount Congratulations Be your own boss 100% free Month trial offer Perform in bed
Urgent Make $ Claims Increase traffic
Desperate Online biz opportunity Quote Direct marketing
Please help Potential earnings Save big money Sign-up free today
Earn extra cash Unsecured debt
Extra income Cash bonus
Home based business Collect your prize
Make money Refinance
Online degree Investment
University diplomas Million dollars
Work from home Mortgage
You’re a winner Check or money order
Stock alert
Social security number

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