Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine Intel

header tabletcoffeeIf your social media strategy equals using Facebook, then you are probably missing opportunities to connect with your audience. Every social channel has its own demographics. To know which channels to try, you need to do a little research into who uses each.

Here is some intel on three of the newest networks: Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine. All boast a large number of users and currently skew to a younger demographic. Keep in mind that younger users tend to be the early adopters for most social channels and older users catch on.

Snapchat Stats

  • 100 million active users,30% are >25 years old
  • 70% are women
  • 400 million snaps per day
  • 1% of businesses use Snapchat

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Instagram Stats

  • 300 million active users, 75 million active users daily
  • Becoming the most important network for teens

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Vine Stats

  • 40 million users, 100 million people watch Vine videos monthly
  • 12 million videos added a day
  • 25% of teens use Vine

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