Effective Relationship Building on LinkedIn

header_linkedinLinkedIn is a great place to build your professional connections, but you also need to spend time nurturing individual relationships there. Content and status updates to your entire network are great, but that activity needs to be supplemented with one-on-one interactions.

I recommend that you set aside time each day that you can devote to your LinkedIn network. This can be as little as 5 minutes a day. Next, set a goal for the number of people you can reasonably reach out to in that time frame.

Every day, conduct your one-on-one outreach. This can include:

  • Congratulate someone on a work anniversary, new job, or birthday
  • Send a link to an article along with a personal message
  • “Like” something that person has posted
  • Comment on something that person has posted, either as a direct message or publicly
  • Mention the person in a status update on your profile

These more personal interactions can be much more beneficial than an attempt to please everyone. Although this consistent connection is hard to maintain, it will be well worth it in the long-run and ultimately strengthen your networking.

You can track your plans for these individual connections using the tools in the Relationship tab that is available for each person you are connected with on LinkedIn. You can make use of the notes area as well as the ability to set reminders.