Mind-Blowingly Simply Social Intel

header_sociallogosSo we all know that we need to be as strategic with social media as any other communication tool we use. Part of doing that is researching what customers want and expect.

If you are like most people, your mind has already jumped to doing a survey or analyzing the data you have on-hand from your social channels. No. Surveys are annoying and the insight from data is limited. Solid relationships are about much more than numbers.

Here’s an amazingly simple and effective approach: literally talk to someone from your target audience once a month. Just one brief conversation once a month about your social media approach can give you awesome intel on what you need to do to make your social media efforts effective.

Here are some suggested questions and topics to cover:

  • What social networks does the person use? Why?
  • What social channels does he or she use to connect to you? Related organizations?
  • What would he or she want from you on social media?
  • Name some things he or she recalls from your social messaging.

Listen to the answers and use the insight to fine-tune your social media efforts. Resist the temptation to only act on feedback that reinforces your preconceived notions on what should be done and be courageous enough to incorporate input that challenges the status quo.

You may learn about things you need to add and about things you should stop doing. Both are equally valuable to strengthening the relationships you are building online.

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