Who writes bumper stickers, anyway?

Eagle-Eyed Editor

traffic cones Nice idea from Missouri — we could use some of these around here! Image courtesy of majonews1, Morguefile.

Driving around the DC metro area is one thing: C-R-A-Z-Y. I call it “combat driving”; there are a bunch of hurry-up tailgaters attempting to get to their office buildings as if where they work was going to vanish before they arrive.

(Rule #1 of driving around here: TAKE THE BACK ROADS TO KEEP MOVING.

Rule #2 and #3 of driving around here: Refer to Rule #1.)

As a DC metro urbanite, I spend a lot of time sitting in traffic and idly glancing at my fellow road warriors while I’m waiting for vehicles to move. It’s an entertaining education in human behavior — some chat on their cell phones, touch up their appearance, laugh at the witticisms of radio hosts or their passengers, or even sing to liven up the commute.

I found one guy one morning…

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2 thoughts on “Who writes bumper stickers, anyway?

    1. It was a great post – I’ve wondered about bumper stickers myself. Truth be told, may major motivation was to experiment with WordPress’ reblog function. That’s another great way to get some fresh content for a WP blog. I am only disappointed that I can’t add an image and that I could not schedule it to post at any time other than immediately.


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