4 Principles to Survive a Crisis

header readbookFormer Ford and Chrysler public relations executive Jason Vines’ has written a book, What Did Jesus Drive?, that offers an entertaining, candid sharing of some of the biggest PR crises in the auto industry. His chronicle of mistakes made and lessons learned around these crises provide great insight for all communicators.

Savvy communicators know that it’s not a matter of if your organization will face a crisis; the only question is when. The author recommends that every organization develop a plan and guiding principles and prepare the entire organization .

The four recommended guiding principles are:

  1. Strive to protect the safety and satisfaction of customers. Letting legal or financial considerations trump this principle can hurt or even destroy your brand.
  2. Communicate openly, honestly and only with facts. Speculating is playing with a hand grenade and lying is suicide.
  3. Keep employees informed – they are your best ambassadors.
  4. The PR and legal departments must work together as teammates, not adversaries.

There’s even more insight in the book, http://www.amazon.com/What-Did-Jesus-Drive-Christianity/dp/1631731092