Invest in Learning Google Analytics

header_stats2Google Analytics is an essential tool for understanding the impact of your online efforts. it is free unless you choose to invest in the paid version (which is a wise choice if you can afford it.) You can learn how to use analytics on your own and by trial and error, but few of us can uncover the full potential of the tool without some expert help.

I wanted to share that Search Mojo is offering a very inexpensive online course on Google Analytics. The instructor is Janet Driscoll Miller, Marketing Mojo president and CEO. (I have no connection to Marketing Mojo, but think the format and cost here is a good fit for many communicators.)

Data is essential for making informed decisions about your website. You need to know more about your visitors, like where they’re coming from, how they access your website, and what content they’re interested in. This is why Google Analytics is an essential tool for uncovering the data that will provide these insights and allow you to take action.

Take the course to learn the basics of Google Analytics so you can implement on your website, understand the reports available, and begin tracking your visitors’ behavior on your website.

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