Website Infrastructure Models


Working to redo your website? One of the basic issues you need to address is the right model for the set up of your website.

  • All inclusive service. Work with a company that builds and maintains your website and/or membership database.
    • Pros: One place for all needs. Usually automatic enhancements and new features.
    • Cons: Lack of control, costly for one-off requests, poor or no portability.
  • Custom assembled. Put together your own combination of hosting, software (proprietary or open source) and maintenance.
    • Pros: Ability to get what you want/determine where to put resources.
    • Cons: several pieces and relationships to manage, several potential failure points
    • Options to consider: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Wild Apricot, Avectra, CiviCRM, Cvent
  • Blended. Some mixture of all of the above.
    • Pros: Potential to get the right mix at a reduced cost.
    • Cons: Potential to pay for unneeded items.