Your Emails Are Being Opened on Mobile Devices. Period.

header emailphoneStop wondering if your email is being opened on smartphones and tablets – they are. You need to optimize and test your messages for these small screens. If you don’t, your intended recipients won’t get your messages. It’s that simple.

The Movable Ink US Consumer Device Preference Report from Movable Ink (data from October 2014 -December 2014) shows that smartphones and tablets now account for the majority of email opens in every state.

  • About half of all emails are opened on smartphones
  • iPads and iPhones account for 58 percent of email opens;Android smartphones and tablets account for 8 percent of email opens
  • 55 percent of Android users read an email for 15 seconds or more; 40 percent of iPhone users look at emails for 0-3 seconds
  • The most opens on mobile devices happen on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 6-9 a.m. for phones and in the evening for tablets.

See the full  Consumer Device Preference Report.

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