5 No-fail Tips for Media Outreach on Twitter

header connectNot all audiences are on Twitter, but one sector that pays a lot of attention to the twitterverse is the media. Your media outreach strategy should definitely include the use of Twitter.

Start by following the general accounts of media outlets (many have more than one) as well as the accounts of individual editors and reporters. Then use these five strategies to connect and earn coverage:

  1. Create private lists to organize media contacts by subject, location, event type, and any other criteria that help you to target your messages to the right outlets.
  2. Direct message reporters and outlets with information about topics and events they cover. Be very targeted and specific in your message.
  3. Share more than 140 characters. Video, photos, and relevant links will give your tweets more interest.
  4. Use keywords in your tweets. Make every word count.
  5. Share their content. Twitter is a two-way street. You re-tweet and share their content and they are more likely to do the same.

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