Taking Inventory of Your Website

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Taking stock of the content at a website is a common step in any website development project. A complete inventory of your content has uses throughout the life of your site.

Creating a content inventory can be tedious work, but you can capitalize on the time spent by using the inventory as a living document that helps to you continually monitor and optimize the content of your site.

Creating the Content Inventory Worksheet

It all starts will a good inventory of what you have published at your website. Typically, this is done in a spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet to record each content item (page, image, video, etc) that is part of your  website.

Suggested parameters to record for each item:

  • Name
  • URL
  • Type of content (page, image, video, etc)
  • Navigation section of the site where the content resides
  • Topic/what the content is about
  • Audience or who is meant to see the content
  • If your site is responsive, whether the content appears on the desktop, tablet, and or mobile site
  • Content owner: who created and/or keeps this content current
  • Last date updated

Using the Inventory

The content inventory spreadsheet can serve as your dashboard for content management.  What’s overdue for an update? What is redundant? Which portion of the navigation is getting cluttered?

Keep the inventory up-to-date, adding and removing items as your website content changes. Not only will you have a tool to help with your day-to-day site management, when it comes time for your next redesign you will have one time-consuming item already completed!