Bring the Power of the Expert to Your Writing

header_talkbubblesInterviewing sources used to be the bread and butter of all PR writing. The writer wasn’t the expert, but served as a conduit for sharing the advice of those who were. Along with the age of online publishing has come the decline of the interview; I find that most writing shares the opinion of one person — the author.

Interviewing a subject matter expert can help provide in-depth and unique perspectives on an issue. It can also add a freshness to your writing, as the expert will likely use different words to describe thoughts and ideas.

Conducting a great interview takes skill and preparation. Leischen Stelter writes articles about issues and trends relevant to professionals in emergency management, law enforcement, fire services, and national security for American Public University System’s InPublicSafety blog and other publications. Before that she was managing editor of Security Director News, an online business publication.

I recently interviewed her to get tips for bringing the thoughts of experts into your writing. I shared the results at the OnlineLearning Tips Blog: Add the Perspective of an Expert to Your Next Writing Project.