Determining LinkedIn Connections

header_linkedinOnce LinkedIn users reach 500 or more connections, it can be hard to find out how many connections the person actually has. LinkedIn will just show a 500+ label, which is not as insightful as you need when you are looking at reach and influence.

Other People

To find out how many total connections someone with the 500+ label has:

  1. Click on the person’s profile
  2. Click on the small drop down arrow next to ‘Send a Message’ (if you are connected to the person) or ‘Send x inMail’ (if you are not connected)
  3. Click on ‘View recent activity’ in the drop down menu that appears
  4. LinkedIn shows you that the person has x followers, providing you more detail about the size of his or her network.

Followers are connections and anyone who follows the person’s content at the site. If the person has published long-form posts on LinkedIn, about 5-20 percent of his or her followers will be people who are following that person because they liked what he or she wrote on LinkedIn Publisher.

Your Connections

It can be equally challenging to determine the actual number of your own followers. It would be great if you could just click where it say 500+ connections on your profile to expose the actually number, but apparently that’s just too straightforward.

To see your actual number of connections, select Connections from the top navigation menu. To the right of the bar that says “Connections A healthy professional life starts with healthy relationships” select the gear icon.

The top entry on the resulting page will have the LI icon and will list your actual number of connections.