6 Keys to Great Messaging


You are taking the time to share content online and you want to be wise about it. Posting content is not enough to have an impact. You need to have a strategy for the best outcomes.

Here are 6 keys to success:

  1. Have a content strategy. Every message shared should have a purpose, whether that is to direct people to your website, ask for registrations or another action, share information, or offer your opinion. Your content is your voice, so ensure that each social post  is well thought-out and represents a key message.
  2. Tie social efforts to all of your other marketing. Social media should not be handled independently from your other content and information sharing efforts. your messaging needs to be present and consistent on every touch-point with your audience. Make sure that your voice, username, profile picture, style, and all other elements are consistent with the branding on your website, print, emails, etc.
  3. Don’t change your username. The first thing you need to do when creating your social media accounts is choose a username – and you need to make sure it’s one that will work for the long-term. You can change your ID, but it will likely cause confusion among your followers.
  4. Be careful what you share. Sharing the social content of others is not necessarily an endorsement, but the action does tie you to the content. be strategic about who you connect yourself to online.
  5. Choose your mentions wisely. Related to #3, the accounts you connect and interact with reflect on your brand. Make connections that position you properly.
  6. Post regularly. The real-time nature of social networks means that to build anything long-term, you have to add to the conversation regularly. Infrequent interjections will easily be ignored by your audience.