Connect with Customers by Text

header mobileanywhereNew data from Aspect Software (full report available in exchange for some information) shows that texting is a great way to engage with Millennials who are hyper-connected to their mobile devices. Making an appointment or getting a response by text is easy and welcome for this group.


This may be the next best way to satisfy customers. According to The Aspect Consumer Experience Index: Millennial Research on Customer Service Expectations, with Jason Dorsey, 65% of all consumers and 69% of Millennials say that they feel good about themselves and the company they are doing business with when they resolve a problem without talking to customer service.

Also from the report:

  • Customer experience is increasingly defined by customer service: 76% of all generations view customer service as a “true test” of how much a company values them
  • Nearly a third of consumers would rather “clean a toilet” than talk to customer service
  • 56% of Millennials moved their business from at least one company in the past year due to poor customer service
  • 73% of consumers said that they should have the ability to solve most product and service issues on their own

The average consumer interacts with customer service 65 times a year and, for many, the experience is not postive. As Millennials are more ‘experience-loyal’ than ‘brand-loyal,’ consumer engagement is quickly becoming a far more influential factor in building positive brand perception. Millennials are not afraid to take their business elsewhere if left unsatisfied.