#Hashtag Like a Pro

header_puzzleHashtags help to categorize and filter social network postings. They are a great tool for getting your content connected to relevant people and conversations. As with any communication tool, getting hashtags right takes some insight and attention.


Twitter has posted about the science behind the perfect hashtag, but communicators need only to keep a few basic principles in mind to use them effectively.

  • Keep it simple. Choose simple, uncomplicated tags that speak to the audience you want to connect with. If a hashtag doesn’t clearly communicate what it is and why someone would want to use it, it won’t gain traction. No one wants to study your tag.
  • Keep it short. Limit the character count so as not to take up too many valuable characters.
  • Get your identity into the hashtag. Carry over your common brand message or wording to your hashtag.
  • Tag content your audience cares about. Not only will they read your content, if it resonates they are likely to share your content.

For even more about hashtags, check out this infographic.


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