Use Photos to Connect on Facebook

header pointingfingerWe share information on Facebook to connect with people, to strive for engagement with them. Photos receive 53 percent more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84 percent more link clicks. Clearly, visual content is a great way to achieve our goal.

Not all images are created equal. To increase engagement with your Facebook page, follow these five tips when creating and posting images.

Share Real People

Images of real people in legitimate situations attract more attention than stock photos and staged models. Use images of staff members, customers, and influencers. Humans are hardwired to recognize faces. Rather than posting large group shots, use close-ups to leverage the natural inclination toward faces.

Use Real Settings

A close-up of a product on a plain white background is dull. Use photographs of products in realistic settings. Strive to get real photos from real people that illustrate what you want to convey.

Don’t Forget Some Great Supporting Words

Use words to support the message that the image is telling. Invite viewers to comment. As a simple question that requires short responses.

Use the Gallery Feature

Uploading several photos in one Facebook post creates an image gallery with small thumbnails. Viewers click to see the larger images, creating multiple engagement points on a single Facebook post.

Toss in Some Nostalgia

Viewers love a little history. Be sure to do a “throw back Thursday” or provide another look back in time every now and again. Nostalgia fosters social connections.