Some Fun Reading

header sunglassesI’ve previously posted here about great books for the communicator’s bookshelf, but we also need some great reads for our off time. Here I’ll share some great books I have read lately and hope that you will comment with your suggestions.

Summer is almost here so it’s a great time for some vacation reads.

  • Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I first read this and the later books in the series years ago, but the Starz program got me back into these great historical fiction books. As a bonus, this time around I am reading with my Kindle, so no need to log around the thick books.
  • Maude by Donna Mabry.  Fiction, but based on the life of the author’s grandmother.
  • Born In Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Start with Born in Fire and you’ll be planning your next vacation to Ireland.
  • The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown. A great true story.

Your turn.