Video Streaming Options

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I previously posted about two new video streaming tools: Periscope and Meerkat. Many brands are currently experimenting with these tools and Periscope appears to have the advantage.

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However, live-streaming has been around for a long time. There are several live-streaming platforms that are at more robust stages of development, both in reliability and in measurement tools. If you are looking for a solid tool to use for video streaming try Ustream, Twitch, Bambuser, and/or Google Hangouts On Air.

Twitch is a network for video gamers and was acquired by Amazon for $970 million last summer.

Bambuser has established itself as a platform for citizen journalism, with investors including the Associated Press.

Ustream, which started as a consumer product, is now a video platform for brands.

Google Hangouts on Air allows you to schedule broadcasts and go live in HD on Google+, YouTube, and your website. Segments are recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.