Blog Juice: Today’s News

header laptophandsToday’s news is a great source of content on your blog and social channels. Here are some thoughts on how to translate the news into some great content to engage with your audiences.

Monitor the news.

Listen to news stations and channels, interviews, podcasts, and NPR. Read a daily newspaper. Subscribe to RSS feeds that aggregate headlines on relevant topics.

Be original.

Don’t just report the news, add a comment on what makes the item relevant to you or your organization. Your audience will be most interested in what you think and how the development impacts you.

Add a new take.

Use a news story as the inspiration for related, more targeted content. Take a general news story and add to it by talking about the issued or impacts relevant to your specific area of expertise.

Be timely.

There’s nothing worse than old news. So, if you are using the news as an inspiration, don’t wait too long. Avoid having your material look dated by leading with the date of the original news story. Just reference it and link to background in case the reader needs a refresher.